24 August, 2010

so sorry i've been m.i.a. lately. i've been sick with the flu this last week and had to take time out to allow myself to recover. i'm never sick but at least once a year i get a terrible cold, but this time the flu. it was really awful not being able to explore and partake in the activities of the city and all the rides that have been going on in sf. i'm just happy to say that i am 95% better and will be ready to share new and exciting events coming up. i haven't had the chance to ride around either since i've been recovering. i hope everyone has had lovely days of riding!
cb said...

glad to hear you are feeling better! the mister had the flu last week and it was not pretty. hope you can take advantage of this coming weekend and go on a ride. did you go to the sf food fest you blogged about? we are going to the one that is in jack london square on saturday, maybe we might see you?!?

thank you so much for the sweet comment about rosalita! it was soooo nice! i wish we could put her in my basket and ride around with her, that would be soo cool!! i am sure someone has..people in sf walk around with the weirdest animals...saw a women walking her bunny once in the sunset...would love to see your kitty...maybe on tumblr? we follow each :D


city girl rides said...

i hope mister is feeling better. i didn't get to go to the foodfest unfortunately but i'm am planning on going to the one in jack london square! let's try to meet up there?!

rosalita is perfect for you guys. such a doll! i've heard of people walking their cats in sf but you gotta train them when they're really young. Shakespeare in on my tumbler. he's the tuxedo with the bowtie! he looks really regal in that photo.

hope it's not too hot wear you are. it's boiling here in the city!


cb said...

oh yay that sounds fun!! we are going to bike there from our house so we might leave around 11:30ish-12. i am not sure how long it will take but around 1 we should be there for sure. i am not familiar with that area so i have no idea where we can met? you can email me for my # if you want...ccpb83@gmail.com

city girl rides said...

i'll email you tonight for sure! we can plan from there.

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