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When it comes to bicycle maintenance ladies, it's good to know the basics of fixing a flat, adjusting your seat, replacing break pads, cleaning and lubricating your chains and derailluer. I know the vocabulary is intimidating but it's good to know how to maintain your bike components. Since i have a boyfriend who is just as passionate about cycling as I am, I have him show me and teach me what I need to know about components and maintenance. I strongly advise on investing in a tool kit, one in which is small and easy to carry around on your bike trips. 

Photos above show you what types of tools and items are good to carry around just in case of a quick adjustment or fix is needed. Plus I always advise on carrying an extra tube. Knowing how to maintain your bike saves you money and trips to the bike mechanic shop. The only time I ever had to make an expensive trip to the shop is when I have to replace my cables, those are tricky. You can find tool kits in any bike shop and you can also find cute tools bags online that are convenient to help you carry them on your bike (click on link below photo).

I plan on posting tips about bicycle maintenance as I'm still learning. I'm excited to share because I know so many ladies who are intimidated about going into bike shops when they have no knowledge of components. I hope they will help ease your way into knowing more about maintaining a happy bike and being safe on the road. with that said, happy tool kit hunting!


Lady Vélo said...

This is certainly something that I MUST do! I'm in a similar situation - I have a bf who knows about bikes and loves to cycle, but if I'm without him and something happens, I'll come unstuck... especially with the lovely tank that is my Pashley!

I need to get on with learning. Good on you for doing it!

Abbi said...

What a great idea! I just bought myself a bike to get to uni but I haven't cycled in years! So i'll keep an eye on your blog for any tips and the such, ta'r! :)

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