guest post for: the city birds nest

30 September, 2010

it was an honor to share my bicycle love as a guest poster for the city birds nest blog. my friend christie of cbn is also a bicycle enthusiasts and asked me to share a little love on her blog while she and her husband are away on their honeymoon in Mexico. every wednesday she posts bike chick tips from shopping for a bike to fixing your bikes tire, good stuff every rider should know. the post is a little more of an inspirational story on my behalf and experience of riding in the city. you can read it here Guest Post: Riding in SF, hope you enjoy it!

thank you christie for letting me share!
peace, love, and bicycle grease.
cb said...

thanks sooo sooo much for this wonderful post, i loved it!!!!

hey when do you wanna go on a ride?


city girl rides said...

you're welcome! i'm free this next weekend! let's plan something!

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