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bici y la taqueria

22 October, 2010

i sort of dress coordinated with la corneta, my favorite mission taqueria on mission between 23rd and 24th, there's something about the horchata there that i just can't get enough of. during the semester i pick a day to take time to get away from my responsibilities and have lunch by myself, usually at la corneta, a little ritual i adopted two years ago. being in the mission reminds me of home as i hear spanish being spoken and children running around. a nice getaway from the academic life. rituals are good to have, they offer a balance to life, biking is that way too. it's the little things though that add a lot right?
¡Viva Bicicleta! said...

Ahhh!! Horchata = <3

There is a place here which SOMETIMES serves horchata..not always =(

Not too many of the spots around here actually have it though. Always a bummer.

city girl rides said...

sad! you should find a recipe and make some. horchata fiesta!

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