happy friday

08 October, 2010

happy friday! above is wendy posing with two skulls in spirits of dia de los muertos. this weekend should be exciting in sf as somarts opens rio's exhibit for a dia de los  muertos art show today "honoring revolution with healing of visions." it's also fleet week so i'll be staring into the sky watching the blue angels fly above, along with the masses of giant fans rooting through sf streets to the playoffs, Go Giants! good thing i'll be on bike all weekend dodging congested muni lines of enthusiastic fan noise and celebrations! also, this saturday is the safe cycling class which i hope some of you were able to get into and the rest is up to freedom and my wheels leading me wherever they please in hopes of getting in a long distance ride this weekend as i anticipate great weather here in sf.

although spirits are high and the sun is shining, i only ask that you all ride safely and respectively with regards of others who share the road with you. we've had a lot of bicycle accidents here in sf this week and it's heartbreaking to hear when a fellow cyclist is badly injured or killed. be safe and take care of each other on the road.
peace, love, and bicycle grease

cb said...

sounds like you are going to have a great weekend! are you up for a ride next sunday?


city girl rides said...

yes! there's a sf autumn tweed ride that sunday. wanna go? i'm gathering others to join too.

cb said...

yes lets go! what time and place? i have just the thing for a tweed ride too!! yayayayayayay!!!!

i went to mazatlan 7 years ago when the butterflies swarm down there, it was soo magical!

can't wait till our ride, it is gonna be awesome!!!


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