ladies safe cycling workshop

07 October, 2010

i'm all about sharing resources with women, especially when it comes to their safety and cycling. so i thought sharing this safe cycling workshop would be useful to some of you sf ladies out their who would like to become more comfortable on the crazy city roads. 
here's a little info: In the spirit of empowering female riders, the SFBC is proud to offer this full bike education course for self-identified women only, and taught by a female instruct. Class will cover the basics for how to choose the right bike and properly fit a helmet. Learn tips for the safest ways to ride in traffic, techniques to avoid or deal with road hazards and emergency maneuvers along with other useful gems of knowledge, like the best way to lock up your bike and how to use a bike in combination with public transit, and cyclists' legal rights and responsibilities. Adults and anyone over 14 years of age are welcome, preregistration is required. Bring your lunch or dinner. No bicycle is needed for this class.

i signed up for the class as it would be educational for myself and so i can share info with you riders out there. if you want more info just click on the safe cycling workshop link above. space is limited so sign up asap!

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