sf events to ride to

sf has been one crazy busy city these last two weeks, thank goodness to the giants game, our economy is happy. this weekend is filled with bicycle events goodness starting tonight with Art Crank SFO's poster party, posters provided by local SF artist and bicycle enthusiast hosted at SF Chrome Messenger Bags. saturday is the big event Giants vs. Phillies, the determining world series game, so come on boys, make your city proud! sunday brings you a grand finale of this years Sunday Streets in Civic Center/Tenderloin. rain or shine, so bring your umbrella just in case. as we all know, voting is important, it's good to know what's on the ballot but it's even better to know what your voting for. the SFBC is hosting Bike the Vote Friday's where they encourage locals to get on their bikes and become acquainted with bike friendly candidates for Novembers San Francisco Board of Supervisors election, provided by their fuel stations enticing you with coffee and snacks 8-10am along with a i bike/vote pin.

i hope everyone has a safe and lovely weekend. i'll be out of town having my own bit of fun! 
peace, love, and bicycle grease

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