a tired and ranty cyclist, brought to you by muni

09 October, 2010

after my friday night adventures i came home to find a war zone in front of my house brought to you by Muni. everyone knows how much i hate Muni and if you don't know what Muni is, it is San Francisco's Municipal Transportation railways and buses. it is a huge mess as they continue to raise fair and work inefficiently. i'm not a fan of Muni at all, i avoid it at all cost, it is my worst enemy as i live next to a main railway and have learned to sleep through screeching rails and train horns that run through every 10-20 mins. the j line is infamous and deemed the worst muni line. and clearly by the looks of this photo, it's just that, a hot mess. so much for sleeping this weekend as all i hear is war.
cb said...

uh i used to live in the sunset one block over..irving it was convenient if we didn't want to drive but always SUPER packed! i use muni now because i can't take my bike on bart the time i need to get to work...i have been thinking about getting a 3rd crappy bike to leave at the embarcardro bart so that i can just hope on it and save myself $60...i just need to find a bike that fits for the right prize!

when is the tweed ride this sunday and where? can't wait!

city girl rides said...

they are still working on it as i write. they said they're supposed to be done by today so hopefully no more disruptions all through the night.

sucks they wont allow bikes on at certain times. they should make it convenient for commuters on there and designate a car just for bikes.

i'll post up something about tweed ride this week so we can start planning...

cb said...

i know i wish bart was like cal trains where bikes have an entire car for themselves! i think more bikers would ride bart, i know i would! i HATE being on a crowded car with my bike...people have been so rude it is unbelievable!

well i am glad they are fixing the problem and they will be done soon!

can't wait for sunday, i am sooo excited!


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