a tweed of a peak

19 October, 2010

so sorry to keep everyone in suspense of this past sundays sf tweed ride. it was my first tweed ride ever so i wanted to really have fun with this. unfortunately it started raining in the morning and kept on till about 1pm. a lot of people decided to not show up because of the rain but for us tweed core chaps we decided to ride along rain or shine, what's a tweed right without proper English weather ey? i haven't been able to post more photos from the camera, so busy filling out applications for a student visa as i got accepted to study abroad in Paris this Spring! but here is a sneak peek of the dashing threads i wore, tally ho, enjoy!
cb said...

yay you look sooo cute! soo bummed we missed it but there is always the one in spring! i am sure it was so fun! how was ricksaw bags? i was so curious about going there? can't wait to see more pictures!!

oh and paris!?!?! you are going to have SO much fun, i LOVE paris...although i haven't been since i was 10....it was soo magical..well anywhere in europe is really! you have to have to take an over night train some where and you should definitely try to go to lourdes if you can even it you aren't religious, i'm not but it is sooo beautiful!


city girl rides said...

hey cb, it was fun! spirits where high and not a drop of rain fell on our parade. rickshaw bags was amazing. they are just an amazing company, im working on a little post for that one now.

and paris is a dream come true! i was so excited when i got the news yesterday and i'm going to have to start a list of things to do in france cause everyone is telling me to go places and i will research lourdes now.

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