biking to the library

10 November, 2010

i love the library. i can't tell you the many times i've stepped out of the library leaving with more books than i intended on getting. i can't help it though, i'm an english major, books are my thing. lately i've been reading books about Paris on my free time, a little pre-departure education, hence the two "new" books on French country, food, and history. the tote i have in my basket is from Paris too, a Shakespeare and Company book shop memory. i carry that thing with me everywhere, that tote is my mary poppins bag. one thing i love about riding to the library is the vast amounts of bike racks, each and every single bike locked up is prepped with baskets or something to carry books, smart bikes i say. i like to call the library the happiest place on earth, in each book there's a world to discover, a good brain exercise is using your imagination. like san francisco, there's always a new neighborhood to pedal to and discover.
cb said...

oh i always leave the library with way too many books too! there is just too many good books out there! i wish hayward had more bike racks! i really need to get that city on the right path! there is soo much room for bike improvement!


city girl rides said...

oh girl, i understand the need for bike improvement! i think if you call 311 and ask the city for a bike rack at a business they'll hook it up.

Aral said...

I love the main library. I visited their bookstore yesterday and this book immediately caught my eye, Bicycles, it's a picture history book of the bicycle. I love it!

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