building dreams on bridges

15 November, 2010

bike view of the bay bridge.

i spent most of my time this weekend riding around the city to grasp a good look of her. daily am i inspired by the scenic views and people of the city, i'm sure many of you can identify with this. in so many ways has sf been nurturing to my personal, academic, and career goals. it's in this city that i have blossomed and learned the reality about life. you cannot avoid it, in a city it's in your face constantly, the good and the bad. there is a secret spot i like to visit around the embarcadero every now and then to write, think, and plan. while there i got to thinking about the future, and i like to think ahead of myself because i'm constantly dreaming (side affects of a chronic reader). every time i go back to this spot i'm reminded of who i was when i first moved here from l.a. and why i love dreaming in this city so much. does anyone else feel this way too? it's like falling in love with the city again, again, and again.

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