dia de los muertos and spirits

03 November, 2010

yesterday when i was making my way to vote and gather things for my dia de los muertos bike altar, i made a stop to a local shop to buy sage and candles. the owner and i got to talking about my altar that led to my family history: a curandera grandmother and native Chumash Indian great grandmother. she told me at the end of our conversation that i had something great in me that i was blessed with, she felt it. i'm not a spiritual or religious person but i am superstitious as a result in growing up in a catholic family, and when i saw this photo posted i noticed a shadow in the shape of a heart above the basket. i thought maybe it's just the road but maybe this is my grandmother's way of visiting me? i don't know but perhaps the shop lady is saying the truth, maybe there is something with me.

i have a lot of pictures i want to share from the dia de los muertos procession but those will come later.
cb said...

yes it is totally your grandmother!! such an awesome experience and i know i don't know you very well but yes you are a wonderful and beautiful person!

are we still on for this sunday? can't wait to check out the cool bike gear! and maybe make some relationships with some potential venders!


¡Viva Bicicleta! said...

I can't wait to see!

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