d.i.y. u-lock cozy

16 November, 2010

this weekend i did a little thrift shopping and crafting. for a while i've been wanting to make a u-lock cozy because it's been chipping the paint off my beautiful wendy. while at thrift town there was a box full of colorful sequenced belts that i thought useful for making a cozy. i found a dark green beaded belt (i love green) and with little effort all i had to do was open the ends of the belt and follow through with the lock. it fitted perfectly, functions usefully, and looks cute. against wendy it looks holiday festive and i like it! yay for d.i.y. craftiness, ding ding! 
cb said...

that is such a great idea! i have a hideous cover on my chain and i would love to replace it! i have been playing with that idea for a while now but have been soo busy that i haven't been able to find the time!


city girl rides said...

for your craftiness i'm sure you can whip something adorable up. i'm thinking xmas presents for my lady riding friends.

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