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11 November, 2010

some days i have the most wonderful experiences on bike and most days I have life daunting experiences. I don't know what's with today or this past week but I have witnessed a slew of accidents and bad behavior on the road from both cyclist, pedestrians, and motorist. i fear for my life as i see drivers cut me off, or honk and such with each other, and i freak out when a cyclist is not careful enough to warn me when they're stopping or  passing me, and i have a tendency to scream out to pedestrians to stop when they start to walk out in the street when they don't see me or another cyclist. on my commute to work and home there were too many crazy incidents that could  have cost me my life to write here but i slowed down, became more aware of my surroundings and got to wondering what bicycle etiquette has taught me. well, it has taught me a lot, and because of it i may be an over-communicating signals cyclist, a compulsive bell ringer (ding ding!), and perhaps a raging "share the road" & "turn on your signals" bad mouth but i'm alive. i am always respectful, i value life and humanity, so i'll wait behind the ped-line, i'll let you pass first, ride slow behind you as you take the entire bike lane, tell you "on your left, thank you" as i pass you, stop for a cab to pick up a customer, i'll move to let you pass and turn right, emergency stop to let you cross the street to hurry to catch your bus or cab, wait 5 mins for the cab/bus to get riders, maybe i'll walk you across the street if i see you need help (which i have done for the few old people in my neighborhood, bikes could be used as walkers) but it's rare to received a kind gesture from a cab, driver, bus, or pedestrian, i don't expect it. all i want is to safely get to and from point a, b, c, etc and home in one piece. thus all i can say is... though today was a hot mess on the road, i'm happy to be alive and well.
cb said...

i am exactly like when it comes to riding! i always always make myself known passing someone and tell those that do actually tell me when they are passing me, thank you. i am NOT afraid to use my bell, that is why i have it and it has saved me from some pretty horrible accidents. i wish their was a class for pedestrians & drivers that was just on how to respect bike riders. it is just so crazy what i see every day!

here is to riding safe!

She Rides a Bike said...

I'm committed to bike etiquette, which I try and accompany with a smile. It makes my ride much more pleasant, and I hope it sends the message that riding a bike from here to there is an enjoyable thing to do. My bike bell is essential to bike etiquette. Most pedestrians respond pretty well to a cheery ding-ding.

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