the little bluebottle

08 November, 2010

i'm a huge fan of blue bottle coffee. the love they give in a cup of coffee, it really get's me going. for a short time now, noe valley (my hood) has opened up a small blue bottle kiosk in Spin City Launderette on 26th and Sanchez. i frequent this place by bike a lot whenever i hit up Whole Foods, Noe Valley farmers market, or a little 24th St shopping. the barista's there are wonderful and always up for a good chat with their customers. this small wonder is the closest Blue Bottle to Castro, Mission/Dolores, and Noe Valley that serves these communities. it's very rare i ever meet barista's who are knowledgeable and passionate about coffee but they have something special and charming that makes my long study/writing nights a ride through the park.

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