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morning rituals

18 November, 2010

peets cofee 3rd & market

most of my days i commute downtown in sf where i work in a coffee shop (as an english/urban studies double major/student i cannot function without my fix), i have my habits about me when i have to work before the sun rises. some days i work at 4:30 am, 5am, 6am, etc so riding to work when it's dark outside can pose some issues when i'm feeling sleepy (although i'm always aware when the freaks come out at night). i love rituals before working so... brightly dressing up, riding my bike, flashing lights, shooting down a double espresso and blueberry scone makes my dark mornings rides bright and sunny.
cb said...

i kinda like riding around in the early morning when no one is really awake...it is a pleasant yet kinda creepy feeling.


city girl rides said...

i kind of like it too, although i usually have the pleasure of riding with the boyfriend who works early too, there's other cyclist with me as well. the best part is when there's a lot of cyclist out riding with you in the morning, you feel like a supportive collective on the road.

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