pedal power

29 November, 2010

hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving. so happy to be back in the city riding my bike, seriously it's crazy how much more energized i feel when i'm here pedaling around with the bay breeze in my face (i love my bike!). now that i'm back from thanksgiving family visits i have so many wonderful things to update you guys on but i told myself one post at a time. here's to a happy monday everyone!
cb said...

oh i totally feel you! i was a total couch potato and was a little worried that this morning commute was going to be hard but it felt soooo good to be on my bike again! i hate feeling achy!


city girl rides said...

i agree. in l.a. they depend upon their cars so much that walking is so limited to the corner store. boyfriend and i were restless and felt exhausted from just doing nothing although it was packed with family visits. i told my dad i'm getting a bike for visiting purposes now!

¡Viva Bicicleta! said...

Yaaay! I have been biking to work still.. FREEZING COLD.

I am trying not to be a baby this year! =)

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