thank you.

08 November, 2010

my riding ladies of choice are my long time good friends Jessica and Kasey. i'm sure many of you have seen them with me at events, on the blog, or riding the hills of SF. we often are called a bike gang, noticeably since we look fashionable on bike while riding together but we just see biking as adventurous and convenient for fun and commuting. i love bonding with my friends by bike just like most of us online bond through our blogs or businesses. this past weekend at the sf bike expo has taught me a little something about building community through bikes and although it seems nerdy to say i love my bike, let's ride, and bikes are cool and fun etc, i think it means a lot more when your able to share a passion or ride with others. often times i am shy to approach the big names out there but they are my inspirations where i'm able to inspire others such as these ladies... so, thank you for all you have given to our community.
cb said...

so awesome to see you! you guys looked amazing, as always!! hope you had fun too!


Ramona W. said...

all beautiful ladies on bikes are an inspiration to me and I love the community (worldwide, baby!) created by our common bond and the interwebs. I can:t wait to meet you and will be looking for you and that schwinn on the streets. love, ramona w.

Dottie said...

Love it! The world needs more bike gangs like that :)

city girl rides said...

ding ding to all of the above!

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