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25 days to give till x-mas

03 December, 2010

i like to have traditions during the holidays and giving is a major gift i love to give. i composed a list of 25 days to give till Christmas, a small way to get into the holiday spirit and to be active in giving back blessings i've been given. they're daily challenges but good to build up new years resolutions by getting me into the habit of reaching goals. each day i give myself a challenge that i must check off and share till Christmas day. i hope to share all the challenges till Christmas and inspire others to do the same. if anyone would like to share their goals or join in these goals, please do! send me your stories or goals and i would love to share them here too!

25 days to give till xmas:
leave a x-mas card on a bike (1 for each day till xmas)
do a good deed anonymously
sing christmas carols
make 25 holiday mixed tapes of your favorite xmas songs, share them with 25 friends
be creative by handcrafting xmas gifts
volunteer for a worthy cause
stroll to see xmas lights, leave a thank you note on you favorite decorated house
donate food, clothing, or other necessities
bake xmas treats for family or friends
make new year goals, write them out, check them off till next year
leave a nice comment on a different blog each day till xmas
share your favorite xmas story
be a secret Santa
befriend someone new
count your blessings, write them out, share them
go ice skating with friends, bring someone new
make an xmas decoration for a friends
be kind
be helpful to someone by giving your time or resources
make a new xmas dish, share it
tell someone you them each day till xmas
find something positive to share about your day
reach out to a friend you haven't spoken to in a while
have someone share their favorite Christmas story with you
decorate your bike with a xmas ornament

since i'm posting this up 3 days after dec. 1, i would like to check off some things i've done so far: be a secret santa (work), donate food, clothing, or other necessities (got bikes, give books donation), make a holiday mixed tape (25 songs, 25 burned and ready to be sent out)...here's to the season to be giving, 
*ding ding*

cb said...

this is a great list! puts me in the christmas spirit!


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