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13 December, 2010

(bike basket of treasure finds)

happy Monday! hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! the city was hovered with some winterly fog and chill when not riding but i managed well with some gloves, a scarf, wool leggings and a good coat. much of my time was spent with my cute puppy Sherlock, wrapping presents, and shopping at Bazaar Bizarre craft fair. there were so many wonderful finds i had to refrain myself but i did manage to snag some gifts for friends and meet some crafty local ladies. my ride to Bazaar Bizarre was quite an adventure but i loved every moment riding through the hills, fog, embarcadero, polk st,  and passing through City Hall to see it's Christmas lights and tree. December is definitely the most wonderful time of the year in SF. anyone else out there attend Bazaar Bizarre and find any good treasures?
cb said...

oh i am sooo jealous that you went to bazaar bizarre but we had a fun filled day too! lady...let me tell you...riding a tandem is harder then it looks..will take a couple more ties to get used to the whole thing..such a strange experience but nothing i can't overcome! anywho...the bazaar sounded so awesome! i want to apply for the spring show!!


Dottie said...

That's my kind of shopping! Unique pieces and beautiful photos.

city girl rides said...

@cb, do please apply for the spring! would be so rad! i'm curious to know how you guys managed on the tandem. but i'm sure you guys will get it down in no time!

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