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christmas at city hall...

22 December, 2010

christmas is at city hall and it is a green and red light spectacular sight to see! we are only three days away from the holiday and i can't understand why can't it be christmas time all year?! 

mackenzie said...

ahhhh i am a new reader and this makes my heart so happy. i am a fellow bike enthusiast. yours is quite the beaut! looks a lot like my bike, that i have fondly named "geraldo". hope you had a lovely holiday, girl!

city girl rides said...

hi mackenzie, thanks for the holiday greetings! it was wonderful and i just arrived from a mini adventure with family. missing my bike of course. you know, i actually meet geraldo the talk show host at a cafe i used to work at. really nice guy. i would love to see some photos of your geraldo!

i checked out your blog and enjoy your "about me" statement the most in how you like to dress up! i do to!

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