dear wendy, happy anniversary!

18 December, 2010

oh dear wendy bird, 
i almost forgot! today is our one year anniversary. remember when mikey secretly sent his coworker to check you out and buy me? he even hid you in the storage space at work but had to bring you home. after a grueling muni ride home, mikey told me to close my eyes, go downstairs and to find something red outside that was mine. i immediately saw you and jumped for joy with great assurance YOU were MINE! i remember that first ride we took at night, i wanted to go everywhere with you. how time flies by like we have! we've had so many adventures already wendy: an accident, getting stuck in the train tracks, a major makeover, long distance rides, major steep hills, riding in the rain, 4am rides, we've made so many friends on the road, through the interwebs around the world, and have had such a great time together. you've never let me down and always made muni look boring and like a chump. seriously, check out the calves and thighs you've created, lol! oh wendy bird, i consider you my best friend, my therapy, my gym, my wings, i heart you forever! happy anniversary!
xoxo, your faithful rider,
adventure! said...

Man, that's a beautiful bike! I heart old Schwinns. Makes me want to get another one again!

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