d.i.y. reflective bangle

16 December, 2010

for a while i've been experimenting with the idea of reflective bracelet's for those night rides when signaling left or right. i find often that with gloves it's hard for cars to see a hand signal so i let my creative juices flow and created some cloth wrapped bangles with small strips of reflective tape, they really work! (tutorial soon). i'm also using these as gifts for my riding lady friends. i hope they like them. what do you think?
cb said...

that is a brilliant idea! i too don't think cars see me when i signal! yes show the tutorial and more importantly where do you buy reflecting tape, i have looking and have come up empty!


city girl rides said...

CB, I found the tape at Valencia Cyclery, 100 inches for $15, its enough to make 10 bracelets as long as your frugal. I'll have the tutorial next week for those gift ideas before the holiday!

taysa said...

Hello! I just found your blog and I love it! I live in SF too so it's nice to find someone who understands the pain all these rainy days are bringing to cyclists.

PS, The reflective bracelet idea is great!

city girl rides said...

Hi Taysa, welcome! Glad you enjoy the blog and the bracelet. The rain does suck but I'm enjoying the moments we have now with the sun shining, just crossing my fingers and hoping it stays a little longer. Ride on and have fun while it lasts *ding ding*

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