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good morning commute.

09 December, 2010

when it's not raining in sf, and sometimes between raining sessions, going for a ride for air is the best way to help get that cabin-fever-riding-bug fixed, yet, so many wet days now and ahead of us. how will i cope?! riding in the rain can be fun and yet dangerous if we don't keep our bikes tuned up, but it can be done! luckily i dodged the rain before i left work yesterday and arrived dry. if i get stuck in the rain today then...oh well, it'll make a fun ride and future post! i love being outdoors and can't stay still when i'm stuck inside, i fidget so much trying to keep myself busy studying, crafting, reading, or playing with my dog but he's just as restless to be outside as i am. anyone else like this too?
cb said...

yes!!!!! it was raining really hard in the eat bay and i am going to see harry potter tonight in sf so i didn't ride to bart and then chance riding in the rain at night which i have done before and i did not like it...boy did i miss riding this morning though! i hate walking...so much prefer riding but need to buy a water proof bag before i can ride in the rain :(


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