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happy friday and a little rain

17 December, 2010

happy friday! i'm hearing rumors it's going to rain all weekend, sigh. yesterday i was a little taken back on a visit from the rain gods. i was not prepared at all but had a fabulous time riding home. the ride was slow, very wet, but cautious... i even made a few friends whom we sympathized together but alas, i made it safe and somewhat dry. wendy on the other hand was a hot mess, she needs a little break change to handle this weather, nothing a little d.i.y. can't fix. i never post any embarrassing pictures but hey, getting caught in the rain empty handed is a little silly and fine to share what a hot mess i can look like sometimes.
cb said...

i hate getting caught in the rain when you aren't prepared! totally sucks! glad you made it home safe though!

have a great weekend!


Felicia "Fe" Montes said...

but you still look so cute. glad your safe! =)

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