introducing sherlock

meet my new puppy sherlock! terrier schnauzer mix extraordinar! boyfriend and i brought him back from l.a. where we rescued him from a stray life. we've been traveling with him in our bags on bike and he loves it! we aren't allowed to let him walk on the ground till he get all his shots but it's been fun traveling around with him like that. thankfully he won't get too big so we'll always be able to travel with him on bike. i'm searching the market for a bike basket for dogs and perhaps a cargo bike as well. any recommendations out there for traveling by bike with a dog? can't wait to share the exciting bicycle adventures with him! woof!


cb said...

well there is always those amazing people that ride and their dog is running along side them...i am always so impressed! i haven't heard of anything but i am sure there is something out there...i have seen hitches before...let me as the mister and get back to you. sherlock is the perfect name for your little guy. he is adorable!!


city girl rides said...

that's so true too! i have seen them. i'm just hoping he'll be able to keep up with with his little paws. can't wait for you to meet him!

Marisa said...

Aww your new pup is so adorable! I bet he loves his ears flapping in the wind!

city girl rides said...

marisa- thank you! he does love it, it's so much fun to share this fun with him!

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