power to the pedal

21 December, 2010

there's nothing i love more in riding than conquering the hills of san francisco! i swear you cannot expect to ride on flat lands in this city, there is just no way. but when you face a great looking hill like the one on fulton st., in the first photo, nothing more than a call of "let's ride this mountain!" get's you pumped for some power to the pedal. the first photo is of my conquer of that hill, and the bottom is of me gliding down it. good times here people. and look, you can see City Hall all the way down the hill too!
cb said...

i actually LOVE riding up that hill right next to the fly bar which by the way has the best shroom pizza! what a great ride you have in the morning!


city girl rides said...

ooh, i'll have to try that place out, you always have the best suggestions!

MelissaOK said...

i've been to san fran a couple times and thought that with all these hills could it be a commuter city or even a city you biked!

apparently i was wrong! just stumbled on your blog and like your angle! :)

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