riding in the winter wonderland

08 December, 2010

i'm loving winter in sf and all that makes the holiday season enchanting. my rides have become longer out of a curious countenance, i want to see decorations everywhere! although time darkens our days earlier, i'm okay with that as long as i get to share these enchanting moments with those i love.
cb said...

i have been loving riding through the neighborhoods and seeing the lights and all the crazy stuff people put on their front lawns!


city girl rides said...

i know right? why can't it be christmas time all year!? i love this stuff.

¡Viva Bicicleta! said...

How cold has it been in your town? it's been in the low 30s and high 20s here. We've still been biking a fair amount.

I'm going to Columbus tonight and for the rest of the week..I hear it will be in low 20s..I'm bringing my bike =)

city girl rides said...

viva! that is very cold! luckily the city never reaches below 40. we've been in the low 50's here so it's bearable but it's been raining a lot. how do you guys do it when it's 20?! i'm sure your all keeping warm by riding.

have fun in columbus, take pictures of your bike rides out there and watch out for icy roads and such. just remember that roads are always kept up during these cold times better than the sidewalk are. have fun!

Dottie said...

Love this! Lots of holiday cheer. :)

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