riding with friends

15 December, 2010

some of my favorite rides are with my ladies jessica and kasey discovering new shops, cafe's, bookstores, restaurants, and in this case big steep hills to ride up and ride fast down. i'm always ready for new adventures and whenever a street looks challenging to ride or we think we're lost we always ask "are you down for some adventures?" someone will always say "ding ding!" and off we go! it's so much fun to have a great group of friends to ride with often, makes discovering the city adventurous.
cb said...

your riding friends sound like so much fun! i have to join you one day but have been soooo busy!!!!! i swear after the holidays for sure!


¡Viva Bicicleta! said...

Hahha.. you guys are awesome! I just got a friend of mine into riding.. we had such a blast in Columbus..that she wanted to ride when we got home after driving 14 hours...and it was pouring! We still biked all over hell and high-water! haha.

BTW..the word verify thing says "coutest" which I can only pronounce as "cutest" which is clearly an indication of the parties in this post. You and your friends should bike all the way to Lowell and give me high fives! =D

city girl rides said...

Aw thanks! Doesn't it feel great to get your friends on the road with you? I get so antsy whenever I'm in a car for more than 4 hours and all I want is my BICYCLE after that to make up for all that time wasted. And hey, a long stretched high five through the interwebs for riding in the rain!

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