weekend sans wet ride recap

20 December, 2010

 messy work space
petite banner
hairbow and reflective bangles bling!

although my weekend wasn't much filled with bicycle adventures, besides trying to stay alive on the wet roads (thanks to the rain storm gods), i amused myself with getting a little d.i.y. gift crafting done. i spent my entire sunday sewing, stitching, and gluing with the help of my pup, cat, and boyfriend. many bike rides back to the fabric store came handy when i began to get some cabin fever but i literally spent so much time getting things done! i admire those who consistently hand make their products, it's time consuming! but hey, at least i'm holding up to my 25 Days Till Christmas goals! *ding ding*  hope your holiday week is filled with merry magic! and good luck on getting some holiday shopping and prepping done! cheers!

cb said...

that sounds like mu sunday! no bike riding adventures for me either! this rain is getting me down :(


Srsly Liz said...

Cute photos. Oh, and we are bang twins :)

city girl rides said...

@cb, i feel you, i wanted to take a long ride but it just didn't happen with the rain storms. i keep hearing there will be more rain, i can't stand muni so i'm going to ride anyways!

@srsly liz, thanks and girl, you look good with bangs.

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