what's in my bike basket?

21 December, 2010

 a round of what's in my bike basket introduces christmas presents! well, because it's almost christmas and delivering presents in your bike basket never looked so cheerful! and i can't really tell you what's in those cloth wrapped presents because that would defeat the purpose of a gift. and, going hand craft and green during the holidays was one of the best experiences i could have ever taken on. people love receiving these made with love items and i love seeing them brighten up from the creations wrapped up inside them. nothing else warms my heart so much! 
Ed Thompson said...

What a beautiful Christmas present basket!

I work at a social media agency in London, and today we're wishing cycling bloggers a Merry Christmas from London with a fun little Christmas video:


Hope you enjoy it and a very happy Christmas to you!


city girl rides said...

thanks ed! happy holidays to you all too! *ding ding*

cb said...

your like a little christmas elf on wheels! you are way too cute!! i love making all my gifts...well i didn't make all of them...bought my little niece something instead!


taysa said...

If I saw someone riding down the street with a basket full of presents, I would be instantly joyous. Makes me a bit sad I can't put a basket on my folding bike.

Yokota Fritz said...

Christmas on a bicycle - very cute and fun!

city girl rides said...

@cb, did you get her a bike? i'm sure she'll love whatever you got her.

@taysa, i'm sure you can work a basket on your folding bike on special occassions! like delivering xmas gift and cookies!

@Yokota... thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment, happy holidays!

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