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bay area weekend events & love

28 January, 2011

 It meets at Pee Wee Herman Plaza (foot of Market Street) at 5:30 on the last Friday of every month
more info at SF Critical Mass
Wrenching for Health Services! A Benefit for Lyon Martin
Friday, January 28 · 6:00pm - 8:00pm
650H Florida between 18th & 19th, San Francisco

Brakes Workshop 6-8 PM January 30th at Homespun 494 Wesley Ave, Oakland
Spokeland will be running a workshop at Homespun this coming Sunday covering brakes.  The first hour of the workshop will be a class on brakes taught by mechanics. The second hour will be time for questions and answers, as well as helping you diagnose and fix any problems with your brakes.This event is free, but donations are always encouraged! 

i have to share this again but if you have nothing else to do over the weekend and just want to ride away, look up  5 great bike rides in Oakland and discover another side of the bay area.

if you feel like getting all crafty with your bike over the weekend, make a bicycle skirt guard!

hope this inspires you to get out and ride! i plan on doing some fun d.i.y. projects with my bike so i hope to bring you some fun post this next week. happy friday and with all the lovely weather and bicycle rides, have a great weekend!

cb said...

that brake workshop looks great but not around this weekend. i need to keep checking their classes because they seem like such a cool shop! you scored big time moving so close to them! next friday we are going on the sf bike party...starts at 8 we will be riding the tandem...you guys should come out!


city girl rides said...

i will definitely be out there friday night. they're going to have another class on cycle touring, i definitely am going to that. i'll bring the boy too.

Anonymous said...

Be safe out there Ladies and Gentlemen. A good friend of mine was badly hurt at the SD Critical Mass bike ride by an angry driver who didn't want to wait for the riders to pass.

take care.

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