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a belated sf bike birthday party recap

18 January, 2011

as i recap on some things that have been postponed to blog, i bring you a belated post of san francisco 's first bike party on jan 7. happy birthday was the theme and many riders came out to party and ride the night away. being the night before i moved, i went in mind that this night was kind of a moving away party from the city and a riding token to remind me of our riding adventures. i was amazed at the turnout and super honored to meet new friends and bloggy fans on the road. people from the east bay and san jose area came out to party with us and make the night more memorable. as always, i like to bring my favorite date to a party,  Jessica, who always makes a ride magical. the crowd was super enthusiastic, fun, respectful, cautious, positive, and an awesome group to ride with. as hilly, chilly, and silly it was, it was definitely a memorable ride  to date and as busy as i was, i'm glad i made the energy and time to go. as the second sf bike party approaches, i definitely plan to be there to gather more tokens of our adventures and kiss the city streets that raised me on two wheels. see you  next month!

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