bicycling into a new semester

it's been a delightful weekend of good weather and bike rides to pair nicely with it. as the new semester begins i take into account the little time i have left to myself to blog and ride away to wherever i please. i'm okay with that, as long as i get to do the things i love every so often. it's nice knowing that campus is full of bike riders and even has a little fixie crew that hangs in the quad. every now and then i'll get to meet a rider and talk about our greatest loves, our bikes. it's fun learning from each other and later planning a ride to study or hang out over burgers and beer, makes for good rides. but alas, i'm excited to enter a new semester as a double major in both english and urban studies, where the bicycle is greatly adored in both of these departments. i hope to capture the culture of bicycles on campus and perhaps have some really fun conversations over wheels and such. wish me luck!

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cb said...

good luck on the new semester!! i love the picture, you look great!


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