dear east bay, let's be friends...

as a new resident in the east bay, i'm looking to build connections out here to help build this blog into something that supports the bike community of the east bay. if anyone out there would like to share an event, a group ride, a new bike shop, local hand made bike products, etc. please do not hesitate to contact me at i love to support my bicyclists and cities determination on building a bike friendly community. i'm also looking for events to share, rides to tag along, and people to meet and ride with. for now, i'll keep looking for you riders out there.


cb said...

oh you have to go to manifesto in or our favorite shops! there is a east bay ride that happens every month...the one we talked about...we should do it next time and the misters can meet each other!


adventure! said...

Ah, Oakland. Even though I lived there for less than a year (and ten years ago!) you still have a place in my heart.

I'd recommend Tip Top Bicycles in Temescal on Telegraph and 48th:
This would have been my local shop if it existed in 2000 when I lived on 49th and Telegraph.

city girl rides said...

thanks for the recommendations guys, i'm setting aside time this week to go out to explore and make friends.

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