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good morning commute.

25 January, 2011

now that school is in session and work is still in sf, i found ways to make my commute across the bay a fun and simple ride. luckily for me i work in the super early mornings so bart is never really an issue to haul my wendy on board. the greatest thing i love about my commute is that i always get that beautiful image of the lake with lots of sunshine to guide the way and some alone time to read a good book and drink my morning coffee. it's a breath of fresh air before i work and study the day away. although there are days when i miss my full thirty minute hectic commute in the city to work. what can i say? i left my hear in san francisco.
what's your favorite thing about your morning commute? do tell!
cb said...

i also like the fresh air too! but this morning i did NOT like what i say at bart...there had been a bike locked up at bart for MONTHS and today it was gone...wanna know how??? well someone cut the bike rack in half to get the bike off!! so so crazy! i ran to the bart attendant and he made a report..i am so worried about locking mary up now that someone can cut throw the bike rack metal!!!

other then that i just LOVE riding through the neighborhood and park early in the morning...it is so peaceful!


Lauren said...

My morning commute kind of stinks (literally and figuratively) but atleast I have a bike lane the entire way!

adventure! said...

My commute is flexible because I can work morning or afternoon. It's usually a pleasant 3 3/4 mile ride, usually over the crest of an extinct volcano!

I never got to do the bike commute thing in the Bay Area because I lived in Oakland, worked in SF, and had to travel during the peak hours. So no bike on BART.

Maybe one day they'll put a bike path all the way across the Bay Bridge? (Do they still have those "Ride a bike to SF, get a ticket" signs on I-80?)

MelissaOK said...

That sounds like a lovely morning commute.

My commute is only 10 mins and very early in the morning. My favorite part is how quiet it is. I rarely listen to music during those times and it's just me and the quiet mornings. I like it.

city girl rides said...

you all have some fascinating bike commutes.

@cb, that really sucks lady. so crazy what people will do to steal a bike.

@adventure: they don't have a bike path along the bay bridge yet. they are still working on that. i hope they get one soon because that would be an awesome ride!

@lauren, sorry about the stinky commute, beats being in a stinky bus or train right?

@MelissaOk, i love listening to music during those quiet times too. gives me a lot of energy. love your blog btw, all that colorful food makes me hungry.

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