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happy friday and farewells!

07 January, 2011

farewell san francisco, this weekend is my last of living here for the next two years. i know i'm just across the pond but there is so much to do. i'm going to miss this city and all it's loveliness and weirdness but i'm also looking forward to new beginnings too. due to my schedule and moving, i'm going to take the next couple of days off the blog and organize our new home as well as take some awesome rides, there's a lake literally down the street from my house! i hope everyone has an awesome weekend and when i return i promise to bring you some really wonderful adventures in my new city! happy friday!
cb said...

are you moving to lake merrit? that is a really nice walk...i have never riden it before, that could be fun and maybe get some coffee? there is also a bird sanctuary that we can check out! :)


city girl rides said...

yes! i'm down for a ride around the lake and coffee too! and the bird sanctuary sounds utterly wonderful! i'm glad you know it better than i do!

Dottie said...

Beautiful photo! I hope you get settled nicely in your new home.

¡Viva Bicicleta! said...

Now you have a lot more exploring to look forward to!

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