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30 January, 2011

this beautiful skirt guard found on Etsy shop JustDo, if i wasn't so horrible at knitting and crocheting i would probably make my own.
Miriam's new bike
this classic photo of vintage ladies on beautiful vintage bikes found on tumblr
Simple oval earrings made using recycled bicycle inner tubes with an elegant white lace overlay. Everything but the hooks and the jump rings are recycled. 
All earrings are hand cut, painted and assembled by Girl on Bike in Oakland, California.
these beehive knit finglerless gloves sold through Public Bikes
Melissa and Ignazio are a (husband and wife) duo dedicated to the things they  - design and bikes.  They are also the engine behind Molletta Design and the Biciband! found through fortheloveofbikes.
love these Dosun J-1 Safety Light Up Pedals by Public Bikes.
I have a tendency to get stuck in the rain on my rides and i think this Basil Rosa-Rain Hood made of waterproof material would be a great remedy to curing a dripping helmet from soaking my face.

hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and your sunday is splendid. i wanted to start a little weekend post of bicycle finds that get sent to me by readers, friends, and sights that i like to look at. every now and then i like to shop for my bike and always end up finding some pretty awesome things that are useful for riding, sometimes i just like to browse and find vintage photos of bikes, and other times, i find ladies who ride having new adventures on bike. these are the things that inspire me to find ways to manage riding. what kinds of things inspire you to ride?
Girl on Bike said...

aww, thanks for featuring my earrings.

city girl rides said...

love these! are they at homespun?

Girl on Bike said...

Not that particular style right now. I can make sure to give them some next time I restock.
I believe right now they have some of all the other styles in my etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/girlonbike

I believe right now Square One yoga has a pair of the lace ones, and soon Actual Cafe as well.

cb said...

i love that red bell! and that vintage picture...i think i tumbled that! hehehe


the crafty currant said...

That hood matches my pannear ... I love it!!!

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