26 January, 2011

- super stoked about our Bay Area weather forecast for the week, sorry winter riders, much love to you but this means bike riding all day long for us Cali kids!

- i'm loving these features of creative bicycle blogger women on my hyggelig. crafty bike chicks galore, who knew?!

-much anticipated book Wheels of Change: How Women Rode The Bicycle To Freedom was just published by National Geographic, i need to get my hungry reading eyes on it. more on the book here.

- my girl Christie from the City Birds Nest was featured in Crafted Love  today with some great tips on how to shop for a bike, good stuff to know. Girl's got some Bike Chic/Bike Chick Tips on her Wednesday posts too. 

- someone finally thought of me in my new city and thought i would appreciate 5 great bike rides in Oakland. thank you! now i'm itching for rides all over this place!

- made buddies with my neighborhood bike shop Homespun. i'm in love with all they do bike and craft, they got classes from learning how to fix your breaks, gardening, and baking pies. i'll be doing a featured post on them soon.

i need to get into the habit of sharing the amazing things i read about bikes on the interwebs. i read so many fascinating articles and interviews daily that they are just too good to not tell you! hope you enjoy reading and pedaling along with them.
*ding ding*
cb said...

thanks for sharing my post sweetie! i bookmarked the 5 great rides and really want to do the shoreline one, i have always wanted to do it! we might do it next saturday. if you don't have plans maybe you and your boy could come out!


adventure! said...

Hey, Cali isn't the only place getting good bike weather! It's been in the 50's and sunny for the past few days in Portland. Tomorrow I'm going to do the inaugural cruise on the Raleigh with April. 56F and sunny, yeah!

city girl rides said...

@cb, your welcome! i'll check my work schedule and let you know about the ride. either way, i'm game.

@adventure, yay portland and good weather. have fun on your ride tomorrow! post pics please!

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