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new years goals

03 January, 2011

new years goals, i love them! there's the simple act of making lists and checking them off at the end of the year that gives me pleasure in saying i lived this year to the fullest.  i'm excited to share with you some of my goals for the coming year, some are personal and some are for fun and bike related, here it goes... New Bike, preferably a Public A7, hopefully i will be riding it very soon. Wear Red Lipstick Regularly, i love wearing red lipstick and need to bring it back, like, everyday! France Cycle Tour, i will be studying abroad this summer and a cycle tour is in order after my studies. Take a Knit/Sewing Course, i want to learn how to make my own gloves, scarfs, pillows, and alter my vintage dresses without paying an arm and leg to do so. Learn to Bake, our new home has the perfect kitchen to do so and i plan on utilizing it to its full capacity, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and cakes are in order!

what are your new years resolutions? or any exciting plans or adventures you want to have? i can't wait to share with you the plans i have in store for this blog this year to come too. i even made it a point to write my new years goals in the front of my planner and journal to remind myself of the things i hope to achieve and obtain as the year goes by, being more goal and plan oriented was one personal goal too, i know, i'm a real go getter. it's a great way to start the first week of the new year too, hope you make it a great one!
xoxo, cgr.
cb said...

one of my goals as is the misters too is to ride to santa cruz and stay in the lighthouse hostel there! we are planning it for this summer, i can not wait! i have a whole list of things i want to do and posted them on the fridge so i keep track of them :D


Simply Bike said...

Happy New Year!

Sounds like some great goals there! I also hope you'll share your biking while abroad adventures with us, come summer.

This year, I also want to expand my culinary horizons and quit biting me nails! And ride bikes and run :)


city girl rides said...

@cb, a ride to santa cruz sounds heavenly! and a ride for the 16th is a date!

@simply bike, i definitely plan on sharing those biking abroad adventures! i can't wait! i miss running, i used to run marathons until i sprung my foot, my long distance days are over! but alas, the bike can give me distance and that same runners high too!

cb said...

yay! do you still have my #? i was looking for yours and i couldn't find it. if not email me or i'll email you! can't wait!

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