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Tips On Bicycle Style

21 January, 2011

One thing i've learned in life is to not let one's passions dictate everything in life, that's why I write about my adventures on bike, because doing and sharing one thing you love can be incorporated into all parts of one's lifestyle but doesn't have to dictate it and it inspires others to do the same.

One thing a lot of friends ask is "how is it that you've been riding all day and still look cute?" The answer is not easy as it depends on a number of variables. For one, the weather makes a whole difference on what i choose to wear on a daily basis, naturally. Two, it depends on where i ride. and three, it depends on the speed that i ride. Luckily for us bay area riders, we don't deal with extreme weather conditions so layering lightly and bringing an extra sweater is key all year round. Some things I love to ride in are high waisted a-line skirts, blouses, tights, flats, boots, blazers, trench coats, fingerless riding gloves, scarves, slightly-above-the-knee length loose dresses, sunglasses, and i always  carry a sweater. Personally, I don't ever wear pants or jeans, tight materials, unbreathable fabrics, long flowing dresses, or lycra. I always layer accordingly and ride at a comfortable pace no matter how far i'm going which keeps me from looking like i've been riding in the tour de france.

It's only natural that we should be comfortable in our clothing as we are in our skin in any activity we partake in but you don't have to subscribe to all that is incorporated into a particular activity.  riding a bike doesn't require a degree in bike mechanics, a license, or a course in bike gear. also, i think it's important to stress to ladies that it's not required to look like lance armstrong when riding a bicycle to the movies, school, work, or a night out with friends. getting on a bike should be fun and effortless but it does require responsibility in being respectful to others out there on the road too, so whatever you decide to wear, wear it well and ride on!
Lauren said...

I just found your blog and I love it! It's nice to see other girls riding their bike and looking cute while doing it!

I can't wait for it to get warmer so I can start riding in skirts and dresses again.

city girl rides said...

thanks lauren, we are so lucky here in the bay area/california. spring is just around the corner, i'm so excited! hope you get to ride soon and post some fun pics on your cute blog! xoxo, cgr.

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