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riding to new adventures

06 January, 2011

my final days are coming to a close as the days are coming closer to our BIG move! i'll still be riding in sf regardless but it won't be as easy as carrying my bike down three flights of stairs, jumping on my saddle, and riding onto the city streets. regardless, i'm spending my days to the max at my favorite restaurants and cafe's with my best friends. what's better than savoring your favorite treasures with the ones you love?
of course i'll miss the habits of frequenting certain coffee shops, restaurants, produce stores, and lovely sights, but they'll become missions now. and of all things, i'll miss our little community on 30th and church st.
 i love exploring on bike and i cannot wait to start my new adventures in a new city! my heart will always be in San Francisco but no matter where i'm at, life will always hold new adventures to ride to.
cb said...

you are gonna love the east bay! so much good food and the biking community is just as great!

have great and safe move!


city girl rides said...

@ cb, thanks girl, so glad i have you to guide me!

mackenzie said...

you are just too precious! i wish i could bring my bike to san fran when i go next month, you seem like an awesome bike-scapader (bike escapader? eh? get it? or was it just a bad made up word? eh?) but your photos are always too cute, and i'm sure your new stomping ground will appreciate your biking cuteness.

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