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riding to a new view

17 January, 2011

hello friends, i'm back! it's been a week sans blogging as i made my big move to the east bay where i must say that i'm just in love! it's absolutely lovely here in every way. since, much of my little free time has been spent setting up house, exploring new parts of my neighborhood, preparing for a new semester, making friends with neighbors, getting puppy sherlock house trained, connecting with local bike shops, and building community around us. luckily it hasn't been hard here, having an outgoing personality helps, and everyone is just so supportive and encouraging here, thank you. after all the hard work, i FINALLY got to get a good ride in  with one of my favorite bike chicks, Christie of City Birds Nest. if you haven't read her blog yet, you'll find that she is a craft making, treasure hunting, owl loving, stylish bike goddess! girls got good taste and skills. on our bicycle adventure we grabbed some coffee, some riding fuel, then took a little ride around Lake Merrit, which has a beautiful landscape, a spacious surrounding bike path, and a sight of wild birds to watch and feed. i'm so lucky to live near this! there are really so many beautiful things about this lake and move that i love and look forward to sharing. with great anticipation, i hope to bring you so many wonderful adventures, treasure finds, and inspiration to get you on that saddle and ride away, you never know what life adventures are waiting for you!
cb said...

i had a blast sweetie! and i just love lake merritt too! so glad you made the move to the east bay...a think a perfect fit!


city girl rides said...

@cb, for sure, thank you again for coming out to ride! can't wait for our next bike riding session.

MelissaOK said...

sounds like a blast!

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