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weekend rain ride

31 January, 2011

it unexpectedly rained this weekend here in the bay area and this time i was prepared! rain boots, oil cloth panniers, rain coat, and glasses for a dry ride. i have an issue with the weather gods where they like to do a rain dance whenever i'm riding but to my disappointment the day i was actually prepared, it didn't rain. the jokes on me. oh well, i'll be ready for it next time. yet, it looks like there's going to be dry rides and clear skies for the rest of the week. yippie! this calls for lots of good rides including a  second sf bike par-tay! (stay tuned). hope you all had a lovely weekend!
adventure! said...

Hey, are ya ever going to put some fenders on the Schwinn? It would definitely help with rain rides. A pair of chrome ones would definitely look classy!

city girl rides said...

yes! i'm actually looking for some. any recommendations? i want simple classic fenders and i can't seem to find any that i like at a reasonable price.

adventure! said...

If you want to go the whole "authentic" route, I'd check through the used parts in local bike shops. A lot of that era Schwinn bikes came standard with chrome fenders, so you might find some there.

If new, check out the fenders Velo Orange carries:
A bit pricey, but gorgeous!

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