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17 February, 2011

yesterday i had the chance to do a little exploring via biking and walking in sf. to perk my spirits up i wore a favorite color combination of mine: red, blue, and yellow. i couldn't help notice how everything around me was vibrant with color after the rain. i love moments when i'm sensitive to my environment and all the color that surrounds me with gray skies. i got a little carried away as i went vintage shopping and picked up some beautiful silk scarves and cookies from Birite Market to bring home with me. it's the little things that i miss about the city that i try to revisit so i don't forget the colors that it painted my life with. i do really wish the grey skies would go away though, i've been riding the winds and enduring the rain without giving myself any other choices, but some days, my body could really use a rest. the bottom photo is my favorite, it's chocolate bars with wall paper like wrapping, i feel in love with these but was unwilling to spend ten dollars for one of these bars. maybe when i find ten dollars on the street i'll be more willing to spend freely. until the grey skies go away, i'm going to keep looking for colors that brighten up my day.
Brandi said...

i love your photos. i love in the mission and really enjoy seeing it through other's eyes :)

taysa said...

Those Mast Brothers chocolates stare me in the face every time I'm in Bi-Rite. I haven't given in yet, but I think it's inevitable.

cb said...

what?!?! 10$ for a bar of chocolate...now i am tempted to try it! the packaging is so cute!

citygirlrides said...

@brandi, there is so much to capture in the mission, it will always be my home even if i physically don't live there anymore. so glad i can live vicariously in it through your photos.

@taysa and cb, i think we should all have a web meet up and eat one just to say that we ate one without feeling guilty.

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