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17 February, 2011

photo courtesy of sahra
although this may not be a pretty picture of a bike, it's rather a picture of me in my favorite day to day activity, coffee drinking. this post is rather about facts about me that was awarded me by cb who did a 7 facts herself. they are actually pretty fun and give readers a chance to get to know you on a more personal level. as a blogger with a wide interest and involvement of the blogging community, i had noticed that other ladies like SRSLYLIZ,  Leigh-Ann, Kyla Roma, and Kelly Ann had done 6 confessions. i absolutely loved reading them and felt like i was engaging with them on a new level. personally, i like to keep a level of privacy in my own life but i am willing to share 7 mixed facts and confessions about myself.

-i am a hippy to the core, i don't like to admit it but i'm as green as they get without dreadlocks.
-i don't own a brush, so i don't brush my hair. i don't know very many people who don't but it hurts.
-i am extremely lady like in my tastes but far from lady like in my thinking, behavior, and language.
-i named my bike Wendy after Wendy Bird from Peter Pan. Charlotte was named after the writer Charlotte Bronte. i have a thing for English literature, writers, characters, and naming my possessions and pets after them.
-i'm a major Francophile, you should see all the books i have on French food, writers, history, art, etc.
- i don't wear pants, just skirts and dresses. they're more forgiving (especially when you eat too much).
-i was in a bike accident last year that damaged my left hand for the rest of my life. i have a hard time performing certain tasks that requires repetitive motions. it really cripples me for days so i wear a brace while typing this. but hey, at least i can predict the weather with it!

how about you?! i actually do enjoy reading peoples facts and confessions. can't wait to read what everyone posts.
CrystaL* said...

I just came across your blog from Goodnight Little Spoon and I must say I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I admire the fact that you don't wear pants. I dream of being super lady like but I have this strong tom-boy inside of me. I can't wait till the snow melts up here in Montreal so I can get on a bike again. I will be back to check on what you have going on :)
Hope you are having a wonderful and creative day.
Much Love,

Diana said...

I don't brush my hair either. I have this thick crazy wavy sometimes curly hair so it damages it more.

cb said...

these are great!! i don't own a brush either! yay! i try to wear dresses more as i just love wearing them! at times i have to wear a brace when i type too and i have therapy putty that i use to strengthen my hands and wrists!

so glad you did the 7 facts! :D


citygirlrides said...

@Crystal, thank you for all the kind compliments. i understand what you mean by that tough tom boy inside, i think my bike is kind of my way of expressing my peter pan complex. thanks for stopping by, hope you get to ride soon!

@Diana, brushes are a waste of time. i've always had dreams of just letting my hair go wild and nappy. one day i will.

@cb, i'm glad tagged me to do the 7 facts, they're fun. and isn't it interesting how we find so much in common when we do share? i think there's a since of wanting to connect within all our posts but sometimes, getting personal is the way to go. thanks for tagging me again!

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