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featured in LUCKY MAG!

04 February, 2011

scanned photos: courtesy of Diana 

yesterday evening while i was sitting in class i received a message from blogger/friend Diana of OurCityLights with an exciting message of :
ourcitylights @citygirlrides reading my latest Lucky magazine and you are on page 130!!!
citygirlrides @ourcitylights wow that's crazy! i don't even read fashion magazines. the new yorker is as close i get to a magazine.
ourcitylights @citygirlrides maybe i missed it, but they don't even credit you :\ it's the latest mag with heidi klum on the cover, in a pink dress. 
ourcitylights @citygirlrides oh, wait. nevermind, someone just tweeted me it from another blog!! oops!
mai @citygirlrides they used the fashionist pic! They weren't positive they were gonna use it.
citygirlrides @mai awe right on, so glad your photos were used either way!
ourcitylights @citygirlrides no, it was you! sorry, what i meant was they didn't credit your blog but another blog that used your pic. make sense?
citygirlrides @ourcitylights Oh yeah, Mai just contacted me about it. Thanks for the heads up
ourcitylights @citygirlrides you look cute! they used the same pic as your twitter avi. way to go to represent biking babes :) 
 @ourcitylights Woot woot! I think I'll stop by the book shop to take a peek!

when i heard this news i was very confused but excited! when Diana sent over the pics (thank you dear!) i was excited to represent our fair city. although, i was impressed at the statistics they posted for San Francisco.check out Lucky Magazine, page 130 "Four Cities, Four Looks." naturally i make bicycle statistics look good. 
cb said...

WOW!!!! so so exciting! that is super super awesome!!!!!! go bike lady!!!!

Diana said...

haha, oh man, i'm horrible at explaining anything! Glad it worked out and congrats again!!

city girl rides said...

thank you so much diana! it's funny how confused i was though! so funny how a lot of my customers at work are like "i was looking through my lucky magazine and i thought i saw a picture of you. was that you?" it opens a dialogue about the blog.

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