February SF Bike Party: Love Your Bike

"During this annoying romantic season, we have to confess, we love our bicycles! Who needs a date when you have a bicycle to ride? For February we are asking you to show your bike love. Your bike is your date!"

Our next ride will take place Friday, February 4. Meet up at 7:30 and roll at 8 PM. We will be meeting at CIvic Center near the statue.
We encourage people to bring POSITIVITY and CONTRIBUTE to good times while being RESPECTFUL to others. The rides are FUN and SAFE with stops to DANCE and SOCIALIZE along the way.
We follow PLANNED ROUTES exploring all different parts of the city each month.
- Stay in the right lane
- Stop at red lights
- Leave nothing and nobody behind
- Ride predictably and in control
- Roll past conflict
- When in doubt, “bike party!!”

love your bike *ding ding*

1 comment

cb said...

we will be there on gilbert!! can't wait!!!
hope to see you!!


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