Love of Helmets


Going totally crazy about Nutcases new Hearts helmet. I mean, it's super bright and layered with lots of love and protection for your head. It would even match my bike, Wendy, with the bright red hearts. Talk about cute! I saw this photo on the NUTCASE facebook page but haven't been able to find it on their website, perhaps someone out their might be able to help out a lady? I'm on the look out for some cute bike finds this week.


Julie said...

That's super cute. FInding helmets is really hard. I'm still not satisfied with my helmet-cute-style situation.

citygirlrides said...

julie, if i didn't have such a distrust of cars and drivers i would not ever wear a helmet! alas, we live in cities with a high densities of cars so we must sacrifice cuteness for saftey. humbug!

kitten roar said...

thank you for sharing this! i am getting a brand new bike this week and i am in need of a helmet.

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