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groceries make do on bike

08 February, 2011

i've been getting into the habit of using my panniers on a regular basis for groceries, i've been kicking paper and plastic bags out of the equation and found that the panniers that i got for $20 at the sf bike expo work perfect for hauling 40lbs of groceries on bike, forget the fact that i have to haul them up the steepest hill in oakland just to get them home, it makes everything so much easier to handle instead of walking with loads of food. i have a tendency to shop for food every other day because i love fresh food so my load isn't always this heavy. the farmers market, trader joe's, and whole foods are close too so that makes it a timely and easy commute. i am thinking of getting some folding rear bike baskets just in case i do forget my panniers while i run around the city. what's your take on panniers vs. folding rear bike baskets?
cb said...

i like my pannier so much better because it is easy to take on and off. my folding basket is a pain and i have to have the perfect bag to fit into otherwise everything in it gets smashed! i LOVE my pannier! i want other one like yours!


SM said...

I'm on the hunt for some nice bike panniers and the ones you posted are quite nice. My LBS took out a wire basket rack to see how I would like the look and placed them on the fenders of my Raleigh Lady Sports. It just didn't look right, so I decided to go with a single rack and hope to get some nice panniers.

dreamlet said...

I use panniers but it seems that folding baskets would be a nice, simple solution as well. The problem with panniers is that I would never feel comfortable leaving them on the bike in high-theft Los Angeles where I live so if I bring panniers then they have to come off the bike and go with me wherever I go.

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